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The State of Missouri Alcohol Responsibility Training (SMART) is a free, Online interactive training program operated by the University of Missouri, Wellness Resource Center.

The program educates sellers and servers of alcoholic beverages about their legal obligations concerning the service of this highly regulated product.

Owners, managers and employees of establishments that serve alcoholic beverages are strongly encouraged to take this brief, informative program.

Benefits of the program include:

  • helping understanding the laws that govern you and your employees’ behavior;
  • learning how to deal with the highly sensitive issue of intoxicated patrons;
  • guidance in instituting policies and procedures to reduce liability risks;
  • assistance in the detection of false identification; and
  • may assist you in obtaining an insurance discount on your liability premiums.

Technology Requirements

Minimum Recommended Requirements

  1. Windows (Vista or higher) or Mac compatible computer --WITH--
  2. audio and video playback capabilities --AND--
  3. JavaScript, cookies and pop up windows enabled --AND--
  4. Internet Explorer (newest version recommended) – click to get it for free --OR--
  5. Firefox (newest version recommended) – click to get it for free --AND--
  6. Adobe Flash Player (newest version recommended) – click to get it for free --OR--
  7. Google Chrome (newest version recommended) – click to get it for free --AND--
  8. high speed Internet connection

NOTE – this website is not yet recommended for viewing on mobile devices

What This Portal Does:

  • gives you a single account that can be used to access SMART
  • keeps track of your user information including your single user name and password for access to SMART
  • gives you access to view and print your certificates
  • keeps track of your Business Relationships

Available training programs

The following programs are offered by SMART (State of Missouri Alcohol Responsibility Training), and can be accessed after successfully logging in to this website.

  1. Responsible Beverage Service training for Servers (on sale)
  2. Responsible Beverage Service Training for Sellers (off sale)

SMART Program Support

SMART Coordinator

G202 MU Student Center
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: (573) 882-9335

Support is available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

1. Where is the old website?

If you are a manager or business owner needing to access your establishment account on the old RBST MO website, please visit, and log in with your legacy credentials.

NOTE: the old RBST MO website has been retired as of 12/8/2014. The establishment accounts registered on that website will remain accessible for 2 years following the retirement date. No new establishment or employee accounts can be registered on the old website. For new accounts, please register on this website.

2. What is new about the SMART program?

The SMART program has a new look and feel, but the SMART website is still the location to earn your server or seller certificate (or both) needed to serve and sell alcohol in Missouri.

The SMART program has a new registration process. Accounts now belong to the individual completing the registration. Accounts do not expire and will remain available for the life of the SMART website. This means that individuals need only 1 account regardless of how many employers they work for.

We have added several short help videos to explain different sections of the website like: login and registration, your SMART dashboard, and the SMART training.

We have also added Google Translate to the site which allows you to translate the website into many different languages.

3. As a manager, can I sign my employees up for the SMART program?

No, the new SMART registration process is designed to be completed by the individual account holder. Each individual who needs a SMART server or seller certificate should create their own account.

Because accounts now belong to the individual, certificates earned on the website stay with the individual account, but can be associated with any employer in the system. This association is referred to as making "Relationships".

Any SMART account can be related to any number of establishments (liquor license numbers). This allows individuals to earn one valid server or seller certificate that can be attached to multiple employers. In the old website, an employee had to earn a new server or seller certificate for each employer.

4. What if I do not have an email address?

A valid email address is a critical component of the account registration process. Patrons who do not have a valid email address can obtain one, free of charge, from many different providers. We recommend Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail, but there are other providers that can be used as well.

5. Do I have to get my entire staff together at the same time to participate in SMART?

No, the training is designed to be completed by the individual account holder. The website is available 24/7.

Many employers require their employees to hold a server or seller certificate as a condition of employment. Some employers provide computer and Internet access to their employees and allow them to earn the required certificate(s) at work. While other employers require employees to earn the required certificate(s) on their own time using their own equipment.

6. How long does it take to complete the program?

That depends. As a courtesy, there is a "test out" option available. Veterans of the hospitality industry who "know their stuff" can test out and earn their certificate(s) in a matter of minutes.

There is also self guided training available for those who need more information about serving or selling alcohol in the State of Missouri. Completing the training takes most people 60-75 minutes.

SMART administrators strongly recommend that each certificate candidate review the training in its entirety before taking the exam.

7. What if an employee changes work locations?

SMART certificates can be "Related" to any number of establishments in the system. This means that certificates are "portable" and can be associated with numerous employers. These relationships can also be easily removed if an employee/employer relationship is terminated.

There are two ways that relationships can be established. The employee can enter and submit the liquor license number of their employer through the form located under the "Relationships" tab of their SMART dashboard. The employer can enter and submit the employee email used to register that employee’s SMART account through the form located under the "Employee’s" tab of their "Manager View" dashboard.

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